Can machine think? Now, yes!


It is well known that computer still cannot think and reason in the way people do. Many famous companies such as IBM, Microsoft, Google, Yahoo and Facebook are working to find solutions for this problem, but as of now without total success. So, due to this, modern computer «brain» is unavailable to realize the treasured dreams of scientists – to achieve intellectual Natural Language (NL) text processing for such tasks as intelligent meaning based machine interpretation and semantic Internet searching.


Anyone who can do it effectively will be able establish a dominant position in the global market for IT products and service – a market which today approaches a trillion dollars. Therefore, it is no wonder that IT companies in the US aspire to this goal.

In seeking this goal a unique revolutionary technology is evolving in Russia, at IT software developer, “Brainsoft Ltd”. This innovative achievement, named «Eureka», makes it possible for computers to understand the «common sense» of any text written in Natural Language, just as humans understand it. This has now opened the way to create the “Smart Machine”.

Given technology is capable, like a motor being applied in different devices, to form the basis of many IT products with totally new qualities and properties, which are the culmination of the scientist’s treasured dreams.

Now with «Eureka» it is possible to create an intelligent machine language translator that is comparable in its quality to human translation.

Furthermore, this technology provides the opportunity to organize Natural Language semantic (common sense) Internet enquiries through search engine browsers and gives chance to receive concrete answers specific to the enquiries. No longer will it be necessary to analyze thousands of web pages, as people must do now, wasting their time and effort.

“Eureka” with this unique Natural Language semantic (common sense) methodology certainly has application in such areas as:

- Government organizations, which are looking to apply machine analytical systems for economic and political situations;

- Defence industry, which need “smart weapons” and “automated intellectual response” against enemy information attacks;

- Intelligence services, whose task is to monitor terrorist threats in global networks for national security purposes;

- Multi national corporations, who have major “docflow” problems, because every year the volume of Natural Language unstructured text documents requiring human analysis sees 60% growth;

- Computer hardware developers, who seek to create a new generation machine that can really be a “thinking machine”;

- Scientific Institutions, who are awaiting such “Smart Machine” that can create new knowledge and understanding.   

We, authors of “Eureka” are seeking leading world companies, who may be interested in investment in further development of this technology.

We will be pleased to meet to present this innovative methodology and the potential opportunities it provides and explore options for cooperation.

Eduard Khachukaev